Our Story

Timber and Tailor was founded in 2014 by us Jochen Heinzmann and Belinda Burgess as the vehicle to develop and bring to market the handmade timber products developed by Jochen.  

In 2014 the products were small, as the production was happening in the garage, timber boxes mostly for jewellery.

Our first commercial venture with the boxes was a design market in 2014 run by Craft ACT as it was known back then held on the 7th floor of the Nishi Building  at New Acton in Canberra.  We sold out of boxes at that market so that probably sowed the seed that we were the best people to sell the products.

The idea of having our own shop started to germinate and so having worked on Lonsdale St Braddon in an IT start up since 2009 we found our spot in the new ORI building in Braddon at the end of 2014 and the shop opened in March 2015.  

A primary focus for the shop has always been as a showroom for Tinkermade timber products.  We curated a selection of beautifully designed small batch handmade goods that would sit well with the Tinkermade products.  This collection was initially made up of ceramics, jewellery and art.   

Over the years we have added other items including stationery, books, accessories and a range for little ones but everything that comes in the door has always been curated so that it fits the store ethos.  I don't think we have ever had the whole range of anything.  

I love the feedback we get from people about the vibe and experience of the shop.  It's designed to be a calm and beautiful space with a laid back vibe and some cool music by Leon Bridges, Gregory Porter, Derek Gripper or whoever else suits the vibe. 

Just last week on the Thursday morning the first two visitors 2 the store were both from South Australia who both told me the shop is one of the first places they come when they arrive in Canberra and both left saying see you next time. 

What you want find in this shop or in of our communications is any pushy selling it's just not what we are about.  

So come for a visit and ay hello!